Corporate Training & Workshops


Brand Ambassador Program

People are one of the strongest expressions a company can have of its corporate brand..and impressions that employees create say a lot about the company’s work ethic or corporate brand image.Your Employees’ dressing style, knowledge of business etiquette as well as behavior in the workplace bears great weight on public perception of your Brand.In the Business World, Branding is one of the most powerful strategic tools an individual or corporation can use to gain the competitive “edge” as well as to whether “challenges” that arise in the dynamic playing field.Your Employees’ Image -comprehensively defined as : their Appearance, Behavior and Communication skills . can have a profound effect on the success and reputation of your organization. We are here to support you by designing Customized Training Programs for your employees, transforming and inspiring them to be the Best Brand Ambassadors of your Company -adding value to your Brand and helping them with the “soft skills”necessary to move relationships to revenues for your organization.


Professional Image & Impression Management

This 2-day program is designed for organizations that want to ensure that their public Image and the Impressions created through their employees’ appearance, behavior and communication skills actively support their company goals and objectives.

Companies looking for an edge in this competitive business world continuously strive to look for ways to “level up” and increase the positive impact and professional presence of their employees, thereby creating a stronger Brand.

Impression management attempts to manage and positively influence these perceptions from other people through the development of self presentation methods and techniques used to control outward perceptions or impressions.

Dress for Business Success

It is said that we make up our minds about people within the first 30 seconds upon meeting them. This includes weather we will believe words spoken by a person or buy from them any product, service or idea they are “selling” In the business world, appearance of a Company’s employees or Sales Personnel are about 90% covered with clothes and apparel related accessories.

This highly interactive 1 day Workshop is focused on managing the different aspects of appearance from “head to toe” to present a more credible, professional and polished business image.

This is customized to consider the culture of your organization, industry type, geographic location, and the nature of face to face meetings with clients and the public, among others.

Executive Presence

This is an intensive & experiential 2-day program designed for company executives and leaders to level up their Appearance, Behavior and Communication skill set to international standards in a global economy and help them engage prospective clients, peers, and the general public.

Body Language : Non-verbal Communication at Work

This Self Improvement Session is designed to develop a positive and confident deportment, poise and body language.

The Session starts with a posture assessment of mannerisms or body carriage and non verbal habits that sabotage a powerful and confident
look and an interpretation of the messages conveyed. This is followed by instruction and exercises to attain a more aligned carriage, refined projection and poise.