8 Steps to a Brand Makeover for Impact, Influence and Incredible Income
by Delby Bragais


Purple is the color of personal power and purpose. Red is all about attraction, passion and boldness.

The purple pig wears red lipstick is a business metaphor for reinvention using the power of personal branding to help you get ahead in today’s fast paced, competitive business world.

Whether you are moving from campus to corporate, going after that promotion, changing careers or growing a business, the ability to make an impact and to influence others using the 8 Steps to a Personal Brand Makeover will give you an edge over the competition. This book includes:

  • The 8 advantages of a Personal Brand Makeover
  • Designing your Image for Impact & Influence
  • 10 Tips to Dress your Personal Brand for Success
  • 8 Ways to Develop your Charisma
  • 8 Ways to Promote your Personal Brand for Success


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unnamedI have finally finished your wonderful book.  I think it is a fabulous creation. The tone is conversational and so easy to follow. So often as I read through, I thought – I wish I said it that way in my book!!  I love the quotations throughout and the illustrations, as well as the worksheets.  Most importantly, it covers so much that will help the reader with their image across all the ABCs  (Appearance, Behavior & Communication).
-Catherine Bell,






unnamed-1A very detailed insight into personal branding, through the journey of a woman who has made personal branding an art.  Delby brings her own experiences in her professional journey and many anecdotes of how personal branding has helped her in her illustrious career, to outline how we all need to think carefully how we present ourselves to the world if we want to achieve our goals and aspirations.  I found the outline about creating charisma as particularly interesting as many of us feel this is something we are born with, Delby shows us this is not the case, we can learn to build to charisma that will help us professionally and in our personal lives.  Everything is covered in this book that you may not have thought about when it comes to your own personal brand and is a must for those who believe our future is created by what we do today.
– Rachel Barton Del Mundo
Former International Model and Entrepreneur. 
Managing Co-Owner:
Managing Co-Owner:



jlWell-known image consultant and fashion designer Delby Bragais recently launched her first book titled, The Purple Pig Wears Red Lipstick.  Delby is the only Philippine-based image consultant with the advanced Certified Image Professional level of accreditation given by the US-based Association of Image Consultants International (AICI).  Transformative and beautifully illustrated, Delby’s book is easy to read—written for those interested to get ahead in today’s competitive business world.  With the subtitle “8 Steps to a Personal Brand Makeover for Impact, Influence and Incredible Income,” the book uses the Purple Pig as a business metaphor for reinvention.
Johnny Litton
Columnist, Host & Media Influencer
The Philippine Star:  updated July 11, 2015



The Purple Pig Wears Red Lipstick is the best book I have ever read about Personal Branding. It is a very well thought-out book. It is congruent both in content and presentation. Written fun, warm and close to its readers as its author, Delby P. Bragais.

Its design is extremely attractive. The colors, graphics and name invite you to read it. The content is very punctual, direct and easy to understand. Delby P. Bragais is an expert on the subject. Her experience and trajectory are reflected in 8 steps with which anyone, at the end of the book, could design his own Personal Branding plan. It is certainly a book that was needed to generate professional presence and success in an increasingly competitive world.

Coca Sevilla, International Image Consultant and Marketing Specialist
Facebook: Coca Sevilla
Twitter: @coca_sevilla